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Amaterasu Painting by PawsNFurs

(Boy, I'd hate to be Ammy right now. :XD:) Let's start with all the good things you've got well. ^^ You seem to have done nicely with proportions of Amaterasu's body-you even remembered to add the marking on her head and those features she has on her shoulders and hind legs. You did a nice job of showing that she is indeed covered with fur by adding designs that show a bit of a furry texture (like he small triangle shapes on the side of her head and the triangular points you placed on her tail). Marvelous job was down on her expression, I could really tell that this was really driving her crazy. :XD: Nice creativity was displayed with having paintbrushes "attacking" her, adds some nice irony as she usually uses paintbrush techniques to HELP herself, rather then put her in a difficult spot like this (nice job adding some faint color on the spots where the brushes are stroking her paws, adds a more realistic affect). Ok, now for some things that, in MY personal opinion, mind you, I think you could improve a little on: first off, the front top of Ammy's head doesn't seem to align with the back of her head behind her ear. The shading looks a LITTLE weird to me since you added a darker line of Ammy's white color to add lighting and then proceeded to use a transparent black coloring to overlay her in some areas. I believe that Ammy's hind legs don't appear to be aligned to each other like her front ones. Overall, I'd say this's a marvelous tickle-torture picture of everyone's favorite Wolf-Goddess of the Sun.
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